Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Airline Industry - Lawyer Style

In my series that did not mean to become a series, I am going to add this story my recommended links for those trying to keep abreast of the cruel and unusual punishment that is inflicted on the US air consumer. This update comes from travel lawyer Al Anolik (via via inFlightHQ). Anolik draws attention to Rule 240 which are the filings that each US carrier makes to the DOT on what your rights are if your flight in the US is cancelled or delayed. The beauty of course is that very few of the airline staff know their own rules. So Anolik and mytravelrights have provided an easy to access and print out list of the Rule 240s for each of the major US carriers. His advice is simple, when flying a carrier take their Rule 240 with you and politely bang it on the desk of the airline counter if they try to offer you something less during a delay.

UPDATE - have a claim that Rule 240 is dead and its ability to save you is now a myth from the 20th Century.

UPDATE 2 - Christopher Elliot is saying that rumours about the death of rule 240 are exaggerated. Post here on four secrets about Rule 240. Thanks to Consumerist.

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