Saturday, August 18, 2007

What do Yododo, mipang, tuniu and have in common?

Yododo, mipang, tuniu and are some of the leaders in Travel 2.0 services in China according to the China Web2.0 Review blog. Yododo is a travel planner and info site. Mipang is a social network. Tuniu is a travel portal with Digg style voting features. Cn0km is a destination wiki/info site.

This is one of those nice web moments where I have not been able to look into sites like these because of my language inadequacies so can simply point you all to someone who has done all the hard work.

Originally found the link on the China Industry Travel Blog.

UPDATE - Claude at Les Explorers blog has an interview with Yododo CEO Marriane Miao here


Anonymous said...


If you want to read a interview from the Yododo CEO, see this link from my blog Les Explorers
best regards

Tim Hughes said...

Thanks Claude. Between you and the China 2.0 blog this is one of the easiest posts I have ever written