Thursday, August 09, 2007

Couchette airline style

I never believe an airline mock-up of a possible plane layout. I will only believe my eyes when I board the plane and see the truth. But there is a cute idea coming out of Lufthansa according to to have couchette style sleeping in economy class seats for the Airbus A380. You can see the plan for three by three stacked beds from the picture above. I am sure there are a 101 safety reasons why this will never happen.

UPDATE - Air New Zealand is also seeking a PR push through announcing its "contemplation" of sleeping pods. I still do not believe any of this will happen.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are actually 5000 reasons why this would never happen. It looks more like a space-craft with everyone in hibernation chambers, rather than a plane trip! Not only far fetched, but just impractical. I don't even like sleeping next to strangers in my seat, and just would not feel comfortable or able to sleep here. I guess I should just learn to trust people... but do I really want to sleep in a place where I know many others have probably slept? The cost of keeping this clean would actually be exorbant – flying 1st class is one thing... but flying in a hotel will be another whole story.

Anonymous said...

in japan it might work

Anonymous said...

The problem isn't that it's a bad idea, it's actually a pretty good idea but on the wrong carrier. I would gladly pay to be able to lie down in economy for the SIN-LHR segment of the kangaroo route!