Friday, August 31, 2007

The BOOT in the press

The TravelToday newsletter has picked up some of my comments from TRAVELtech. Here is the quote
Tim Hughes, commercial director of Orbitz Worldwide/, said internet users were now asking much more of travel retailers. From initially just wanting the cheapest flight, they now want more information, and are asking “where do I go next”, he said. “And the thing we have to do as retailers is try to figure out how to answer this open-ended question with technology,” Hughes said.
here is the link

and here is a summary of my presentation in a post


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

Is that Tim from The BOOT or Tim from Orbitz Worldwide who speaks at TravelTech?



Anonymous said...

u is famous and that eh mister :)

Tim Hughes said...

Like the travel industry itself I try to be more than one thing at the same time

Anonymous said...

focus just focus.... on what i have no idea but focus :)