Monday, August 27, 2007

The BOOT at TRAVELtech in Sydney

Quick reminder that I will be speaking at TRAVELtech tomorrow. I think you can still get a ticket. UPDATE- now sold out. I am on in the morning speaking with:
  • Peter Smith, General Manager, Zuji;
  • Tim Russell, Managing Director, Amadeus Australia; and
  • Rod Cuthbert, Chief Executive Officer, Viator.
Here is a little taste of what I am going to talk about tomorrow:
  • my view on the history of online travel (teaser here);
  • the likely outcome of the battles between meta-search/content providers and retailers for customer loyalty (teaser here); and
  • my thoughts on Australia finally embracing the air intermediary model (teaser here)
If you are already attending then I look forward to meeting you during a break.


Anonymous said...

Wish I was able to come to Traveltech to hear you speak. Good Luck and I look forward to reading your views on the event on your blog tomorrow night

Anonymous said...

and did u achieve the fame and noteriety you think you deserve ?