Friday, December 31, 2010

1001 not out (and Happy 2011)

2010 has closed. Welcome and all the best for 2011. In time for the end of 2010 I have completed another milestone here at the BOOT.

The rate per month may be slowing but another 100 posts are live on the BOOT. In my regular "not out series" recap I post a few reminders and highlights form the last 100 posts. It started with 101 not out and continued with 201, 301, 401, 501. 601, 701, 801 and 901 not out. Here we go....

I examined search, looked at the future of recommendations and made up a lot of new words:
Focused on Australia I looked into:
Some handy tools:
From various conference presentations and attendences I:
Speaking of reviews, the BOOT covered another 200,000kms or so and wrote reviews of
Ultimately I ranked Cathay Pacific as my airline of the year after a close pitched battle between the Cathay Pacific and Virgin Atlantic Herringbone seats

On the quirky front:
Three more business traveller tips were published on
Finally - the BOOT received mentions in
If you are still reading, I will keep writing. All the best for 2011 - see you on the road.

Thanks to Dustin Ling for the photo of the BOOT in action at ATEC

1 comment:

steve sherlock said...

thanks Tim, still reading and enjoying the boot. man of the match performance.

Pity the aussie cricketers couldn't have a score line a bit more like yours!

i agree with you that online travel 2011 is certainly shaping to be another jaffa of a year at the crease. no doubt you'll be on the front foot, bowling beamers in a cameo innings full of hat-tricks.

It will be interesting to see how fairseach go rotating the strike, trying to keep the ita googly out. can’t wait for the third umpires decision.

as well, despite the top spin and the sledging, AA has thrown down a real rib-tickler to gds/ota’s. Its a real sticky wicket this one, hopefully they find the match fixing sweet spot.

ok my tail wagged long enough now. oh BTW i bowled a maiden over last night. and wow, what a wicket maiden. tried a Yorker but got run out ;-)