Monday, April 19, 2010

901 not out

100 more posts live on the BOOT. 4 years, 200,000 plus words, 150,000 visitors, 240,000 page views and still going. In my regular "not out series" recap I post a few reminders and highlights form the last 100 posts. It started with 101 not out and continued with 201, 301, 401, 501. 601, 701 and 801 not out. Here we go....

Buy buy buy. We may still be waiting for the mega deal but the tuck-ins are everywhere

Bust bust bust. The Global F'n Crisis had casualties
Talk talk talk. The BOOT went conference crazy
Track track track - kept my eye on big Asian online players that are active in the market but quiet in the results arena.
Theory theory theory
Puff Puff Puff - away from the industry I also posted
I haven't run out of things to say yet, so if you're still listening, then I will keep typing.

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