Sunday, November 09, 2008

WebInTravel & PhoCusWright: See me, Philip Wolf and Ram Badrinathan in action

If you are looking for a prelude to PhoCusWright here is a link to a thirty minute video of me (Tim Hughes), PhoCusWright CEO Philip Wolfe and AP Head of Research Ram Badrinathan talking shop at the recent WebInTravel conference.

We cover a number of topics including:
Great session (but I'm biased). Watch it here.


Anonymous said...

Great Content! Crazy Sofa!? ;-)

Anonymous said...

very listenable Tim.

i agree with what said about "don’t get ahead of consumers" - though perhaps only limited to marketing channels.

however when it comes to product i think staying just ahead of consumers through innovation is critical.

granted you made a good point that backs this up when you said "companies should hunker down on costs and focus on coming up with product innovations".

i agree!

ps. often people pick a tie to match their suit. i was impressed that you picked a shirt colour to match the sofa :-)

Tim Hughes said...

the new definition of a metrosexual - an online exec who matches the three "s's", socks, shirt and sofa

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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