Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Break - I'm no stats expert but my guess is that CNN is calling Maine a little too early

With three votes counted they are predicting an Obama landslide!


samdaams said...

They called a lot of states based on exit polls, coupled with other data, long before votes were counted. They'd only do it if it was really clear from the exit polls. I was watching one state where 55% of counted votes were to McCain and they were still comfortably calling it for Obama.

Anonymous said...

stick to online travel. OBAMA LANDSLIDE IS 100% TRUE.

Anonymous said...

Well, the standard minimum sample size has been 30, if I remember correctly.

So CNN just shrunk in down in scale. Why wait until 30 when you can do it on 3.

But yes, landslide no doubt.... Anyone else got the lump in their throat at his victory speech?

Tim Hughes said...

please do not let the levity of my post undermine the incredible nature of this event. We are witnessing something my Australian two year old daughter's grand children will be studying in school.