Friday, November 21, 2008

Kayak CEO Steve Hafner on PhoCusWright Center Stage

Here is a quick list of quotes from Kayak CEO Steve Hafner that I Twittered during his PhoCusWright Center Stage Interview with Philip Wolf.

"Kayak's traffic was three times Sidestep when they bought them"

"The jury is out for the media model on retail sites"

"Bartels at Travelzoo has $80mm of revenue in their P&L. I want it. Of course they are a competitor"

"brought out a great mobile product a few years ago. Was used by 1000 people"

"next year will be talking about consolidation in OTAs (online travel agents), new faces at the top of some, cost cutting and site improvements. Can't believe how cluttered OTA home pages are"


Anonymous said...

very impressive what kayak has achieved over a relatively short period, especially the capital secured. (i.e. $196mil in latest round)

i presume they are still burning cash though it would be interesting to some indication of when they project to be cash flow positive and at what level revenue will be when that is achieved.

Tim Hughes said...

he was very bullish about his cash flow position (without naming specifics). One very angry employee of a competitor (that I wont name) was telling me at a drinks event that Kayak was scaling back a lot of their advertising spend due to market conditions but this can be put in the "idle gossip over beer" category

Anonymous said...

Gossip?? Beerbedo?? Eric Idle??, always look on the what side? eeup Lads and Lassies!!;-D

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Anonymous said...
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