Thursday, May 08, 2008

BOOT meetup and drinks - Mon May 12 London - Butchers Hook and Cleaver in Clerkenwell

As mentioned last week, if you are in London and would like to meet the BOOT and other travel professionals please come to the first BOOT meetup.

Where: Pub - Butchers Hook and Cleaver. 61 West Smithfield, London, EC1A 9DY, United Kingdom
When: Monday May 12 from 1830 - 2100 (maybe longer)
What: no agenda. Will just be there to talk about online travel in Europe
Who: all welcome
Cost: None - just buy your own drinks

No need to confirm attendance. Just turn up (I am not organised enough to take up Guillame's good suggestion to use eVite or similar).

UPDATE - was a great evening out in the sun in London. First time for Kevin May, Guillaume Thevenot and me to meet as a group and talk shop. Also joined by Jason from Sisilili. Yes that right - the great meetup BOOT revolution drew a crowd of 4!! Kevin has a photo from the event with me holding up a silly looking BOOT sign and Guillaume holding a business card an embarrassing piece of direct marketing handed to us as we were drinking in the sun.


Anonymous said...

Will be there for sure. :-)

Do you have any particular agenda?
(just kidding)


Anonymous said...

since no ticket was left at the counter at OOL i was going to start walking but i got caught up at Centerlink.

Tell everyone i said high and one day we will be the google of the Travel. .....


Anonymous said...

Tim its the 15th May and your last post was almost a week ago......we miss your industry round ups.

Are you still drinking at the Butchers Hook and Cleaver?

Anonymous said...