Friday, May 23, 2008

BOOT in USA Today thanks to VibeAgent

Thanks to a competition run by VibeAgent the BOOT has made it into the USA Today in the Sky blog. The VibeAgent Facebook application - JetSetter - is about (promoting VibeAgent and) letting people compete with friends on how many miles have been flown and destinations visited. I managed to win the Blogger Edition of the competition with 144,142 miles, winning out over big travellers such as Jens Thraenhart of Tourism Internet Marketing (113,828 miles) and Ben Mutzabaugh of the USA Today’s “Today in the Sky” (56,202 miles). Full results here. However as I'm based in Australia and work for a company with offices in Chicago and London this gives me a big advantage over North American competitors. As I said to VibeAgent's PR guy when they told me I had topped the poll "Thanks. But not sure my family thinks it is something worth celebrating." So public apologies to Madame BOOT for the travel.

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Anonymous said...

im sure Ms Booty is impressed wit you winning this competiton