Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Qantas is still loading its Christmas Greetings

Poor old Qantas can't win a trick sometimes. They tried to be nice to me and send me an electronic Christmas card and thank me for participating in the Qantas Customer Advisory Panel. But something is not quite right in the email.

They provided two ways to access the card. The second one was this
If the above link doesn't work, view the following url in a browser:

Unfortunately the result of a copy and paste is a static page that looks like this - "still loading" - and stays like this no matter how long you wait. Tried it in both Firefox and IE7.

Thankfully the first way works and ends up at quite a sweet and well put together card. Here it is if you want to see it.

Qantas may have fixed this by the time you have read it so you may have to take my word for it.


Unknown said...

Give this link a go -

There seems to be something wrong with the last url parem.

Tim Hughes said...

Andrew - you are right of course. Someone in the Qantas marketing department is shouting at someone in IT as we speak

Emma said...

I like the song....

Anyway, hi Tim, my name is Emma and I've just started reading your blog and I have to say that it is very interesting.

I have a question, maybe you've already talked about it somewhere (I haven't read the whole blog...yet) but what is beeing done to make people book on online agencies instead of going to a certain hotels own website?
I know that hotels work really hard to make people book at their site instead of places like expedia and so on.

I read in one of your entries about what will happen in the future (you asked that question because at the moment all the multiple choice is confusing customers) and I thought I would give my view on that. I think you have to niche market more and offer something different like that restaurant where you eat in the dark. Or maybe offer a trip where you don't exactly tell what is going to happen, like a surprise thing. But then maybe you have to ask why you should start that online and not in the real world?

Don't know if my ramblings made sense, this is just some thoughts that I got while reading your blog.