Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's raining Samsonite - Bags fall from the sky in Chicago

How is this for the ultimate lost baggage story.

A change in cabin pressure on Delta Flight 4718 blew two of the cargo doors ajar, raining bags across the Midway Airport area. Only two bags were declared missing. One was found almost a kilometre from the airport, the other is still MIA.

What is more frightening:
  • you are in an aircraft and a door "comes ajar";
  • you are minding your own business plane spotting and a carry-all falls on your head; or
  • you turn up to a check in counter for an American airline - any American airline - and the check in clerk tells you "I'm sorry sir you are going to have to check that bag"?
Answers in the comments please...

Thanks to Consumerist for the story (originally from the Chicago Tribune).


Anonymous said...

It's not bags I'm worried about. I hate it when they say I have to check my guitar. It's in a very solid hard case - but it always ends up with me either boarding the plane, sitting on the plane or getting off the plane to see the baggage handlers make a special effort to destroy it (by chucking it very hard on the ground, bumping it etc). I think they have it in for my guitar. I know it must be a thankless job, but they could at least try to be a mite professional.

Wow, I don't know why I ranted about that, but there you go.

Anonymous said...

and breath u poor misguided traveler. Simply get a sticker on the case that says.

Fragile handle with care.
They will then naturally handle you case with respect that it deserves.