Tuesday, October 16, 2007

WHOOT: Wotif are happy, AOT even happier

Wotif have defended the price tag of $55-57mm for Travel.com.au despite the fact that profits will come next year. But COO Robbie Cooke in an interview with Travel Today has given away little in terms of what the strategy will be (see my thoughts from yesterday) other than to day that flights will be a benefit to Wotif. I continue to suspect that its more Lastminute.com.au that they are interested in than a flights engine.

Meanwhile AOT has continued its steady acquisition of TVL stock, now claiming more than 10% according to today's filing. CEO Andrew Burnes can at his leisure now decide whether or not to keep a stake in a business controlled by Wotif or sell for what we presume is a reasonable return. Well played.

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