Wednesday, October 03, 2007

And now there are three - AOT joins the hunt for

Am in an airport lounge struggling to stay in touch with the moves and shakes around the acquisition. Now we learn that top tier Australian wholesaler and second tier online retailer AOT has joined the hunt for According to the SMH they have already got their hands on 7.8% of the stock and are looking for more. AOT already operate and content player Travelmate. Also recently snapped up little known player NeedtoEscape (story here). At the very least AOT boss Andrew Burnes has built a nice little blocking stake. Anyone else out their want to join in?

Thanks to Grah from Voysage who sent me the story first.


Anonymous said...

All join in and fight the evil Wotif before the other white shoe people get in on the act.

PS u have been seen in a stakehouse while enjoying a nice chicago hotel ::::)

Anonymous said...

oih u

get with it

Tim Hughes said...

Have included the new Webjet offer in an update to an earlier post. Cant keep writing new posts each time as would have to change the name of the blog to the WHOOT - WHoever will Own Outright

Steak in Chicago was fantastic. Hotel only "good"

Anonymous said...

so did u briong lots of presents Mr Orbitz Worldwide ?