Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The New TripAdvisor - looking a lot like a retailer

Travolution have broken the story of the new look TripAdvisor being rolled out in the UK first.

In his post Kevin talks about CEO Steve Kaufer's desire to have the site look less cluttered through a reduction in gizmos and functionality.

In my view this the first step in a content/review site wanting to look more like a retail site. TripAdvisor now has the site layout, look and feel that you would expect from a full service OTA - widget in the middle, destination maps on the edges and a promotion spot or two highlighting the things of the moment. I have talked about the need for content/networking players to constantly innovate to produce the loyalty and scale defending abilities of retailers. Here is a twist on that where a content player seeks to defend its scale by looking more like a retailer.

PS to ensure that I continue to received the search engine traffic let me once again confirm that Expedia Owns TripAdvisor...

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