Thursday, November 23, 2006

Webjet in living audio

Thanks to boardroom radio here is a link to an recent interview with David Clarke of Webjet. I have commented a lot on their hotel plans and expansion plans. In this case will let David comment
  • Acquisitions - Talks about his acquisition thinking saying that they have "external advisors looking at possibilities". Quite rightly he is only looking in the online space and only at product ranges they don't have - ie not air. Says he has "no current target in mind".
  • International - Also talked about thoughts on future of international bookings online. Believes that consumers will soon be able to booking multi-sector international fares with different airlines - like domestic.
  • Hotels - Admits hotel business is very small but is confident of growth. "Will not be a material component of profit in the next six months".
Nothing on Planit.

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