Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Travel video sharing sites - trying to fight off the porn like everyone else

Like the rest of the Internet world I have been tracking the phenomenon that is peer-to-peer video sharing and destination sites. From the gigantic (YouTube, MySpace) through the tussle in the middle (Metacafe, Break.com, ebaumsworld and Revver) to the targeted (Heavy). Only a matter of time before we saw the dedicated travel sites. First to come to my attention is Travelisitic. Founded by ex-MTV and ex-iFilm execs (MTV bought iFilm).

Site looks good - videos of white beaches, rolling hills, rushing waterfalls, ancient cities and (like every other video destination site), booze and soft porn.

You can tell from the monetisation efforts (lots of pre-roll video and good Google Adsense integration) and video quality that the founders know what they are doing. Will have a challenge in keeping out the porn and antics that are so popular on the other site while at the same time building scale but a great start.


Anonymous said...

Your BLOGS are very nice and all the stapes also well.
But i also give a segation-

Anonymous said...

soft porn...no...just confused young girls

Anonymous said...

Yes, the GetOut girls appear to do rather well!

Came across a few more travel video sites over at http://web20travel.blogspot.com/2006/07/turnhere-free-video-guides-for-travel.html