Thursday, March 11, 2010

More on China from McKinsey Quarterly

I think I might as well call it China month here are the BOOT. I have another interesting piece for you to read about the Online market in China. This one is from McKinsey and covers online China in general (not just travel). Called "China's Internet Obsession" this article comes from the McKinsey Quarterly (registration required for full article but no cost to register). Couple of highlights from the article:
  • China is world's largest internet market in terms of people - 384mm online. 50% increase since 2008;
  • One in five consumers between the ages of 18 and 44 won’t purchase a product or service without first researching it on the Internet; and
  • Online advertising has been growing at between 20 and 30 percent a year—twice the print media’s growth rate—and the market was around $3 billion (20 billion renminbi) in size last year.
thanks to Chi King via flickr for the photo


business management university said...

I like the panda, actually.

Klaus Kohlmayr said...

I noticed the McKinsey stats and when sharing with some of my Chinese contacts they pointed out that this is exactly why some budget Hotel chains in China get up to 90% of their bookings through the web.

Tim Hughes said...

@KK - interesting. thanks