Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ctrip makes very strong hints that looking for acquisitions

Day for a Ctrip double post. A few movements ago a link to a Tom Botts post from a presentation by Ctrip CFO Jane Jie Sun. Now I have just spotted a Reuters/Yahoo! Finance news story that Ctrip are planning to place 5.7mm American Depositary Shares (currently priced at around $36). In non-finance English this means they are looking to raise somewhere around $200mm in capital. What do they plan to do with it? The Reuters story says they plan to use the money to buy or invest in "complementary businesses and assets" and for general corporate purposes. In non-finance English "complementary businesses and assets"means buying some one. Ctrip plus $200mm equals consolidation. Speculation time....who do you think they are most likely to buy?

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Unknown said...

Well if they have set their sights on India ,im sure They would be knocking on Cleartrip's door. but it sure is shot in the dark.