Friday, January 15, 2010

BOOT presenting at Eyefortavel Asia April 29

I will be at Eyefortravel Travel Distribution Summit Asia on April 29 in Singapore (conference runs through April 28 as well). Conference details here.

The sessions will be the day 2 Keynote called

"Future Trends and Technology in Travel – Planting the Seeds for Profit."

I will be on a panel with
The panel blurb is
The progression of technology and innovation in the travel industry continues at a frenetic speed and Asian countries are rapidly closing the gap on their western counterparts. This dizzying pace of change has the power to either undermine existing revenue models or create exciting and highly lucrative new opportunities for those in the know.
  • Prepare your travel business for the future. Cut through the hype and identify the technologies that will add real value and reap the largest rewards.
  • What will be “the next big thing”? Know where (and where not!) to invest to ensure ROI is real, abundant and measurable
  • The way your customer interacts with the web is changing. How can you continue to reach and influence travelers in a dynamic, user led online environment?
  • Travel 3.0?...How will developments in the semantic web enable more complex and sophisticated trip planning for online travelers?

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