Wednesday, May 06, 2009

DealBase raises $1million in Series A funding

The deal hunting and publicising websites are appearing everywhere and launching in new markets constantly. In Australia alone we have had TravelZoo and Cheapflights rushing into this crowded and relatively small market.

News today that hotel deal/offer aggregation site Dealbase has raised $1 million in Series A funding from Russ Siegelman, an Affiliated Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Bob Zipp, Managing Director of Amicus Capital and Josh Hannah, General Partner at Matrix Partners and former CEO of was one of the BOOT pick's for the final six at the PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit. I chose it because it is has spent time and energy on the display layer. This has resulted in a great browsing and filtering experience generated by the common layout in terms of description, savings etc for each offer and deal. Makes it much easier for the customer to make the necessary comparisons. I am also very impressed by the self loading approach for hotels and inventory providers - at no cost. Is very different to the paid offer approaches of TravelZoo, Cheapflights and others. As with all these things distribution will be the key - especially if they get caught in an arbitrage traffic position where they try to buy traffic from Google at a price cheaper than they sell it to hoteliers. Are currently claiming a 100,000 visitors in March (puts into perspective my 3 years to get 100,000 visitors).

As a reminder here is the pitch by CEO Sam Shank at the PhoCusWright summit.


Anna said...

Hi Tim,

I've just been flicking around your blog and am really enjoying it. I thought you might be interested in this travel-related item that I have It's a quiz that's been made just for a bit of fun. It's about adventurers; generally just a fun thing to go with all things travel. I'd be really grateful if you could take a look at it and maybe put it up on your blog if you enjoy it.


Anna Degremont

Tim Hughes said...

@Anna. Thanks (I think) for the post. I have set up time to interview Reuven of Tripbase. I have seen comments like yours on other blogs and I thought you should know that I prefer if the comments are kept to story and promotional pieces like this were emailed.

Liz Kao said...

Thanks Tim for the follow-up since your insightful comments in our earlier early days. :-) Of course we are a little biased but in all seriousness, thanks for your early support!

Liz Kao
Director of Operations