Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BOOT needs help - are email subscribers receiving posts by email

I have a suspicion that something is wrong with my feedburner email system. As a results email subscribers may not be receiving updates by email from the BOOT. If you are an email subscriber and you have been getting posts please let me know. Thanks in advance.

UPDATE - thanks to all for the comments and replies. It seems that email service is fine. I did find a stream on twitter showing that something happened a couple of days ago but service now restored.


Dan W said...

Hi Tim, I got your last e-mail via feed burner on the India Orbitz (might surprise you who is behind it...).



Tim Hughes said...

@dan W - thanks for letting me know and yes I was v.surprised to discover the founder name!

Sergio said...

I got your last e-mail also¡¡

Martin said...

I think the problem is with stats on feedburner (I'm looking at as all my email subscribers (but not RSS) have disappeared - or maybe they all got up as one and unsubscribed after getting sick of the content on my blog!

Yameen said...

I get the BOOT emails hours after the post hits the blog. Having already read the posts, I just consider the emails happy little reminders!

Mehmet said...

Hey Tim, i got your posts via e-mail and its exactly fine... and also wanted to thank for your worthy posts..