Tuesday, May 05, 2009

BOOT's 100,000 visitors

A brief moment of self-indulgence if you'll let me. A couple of days ago (without me noticing) we hit a speedometer moment here at the BOOT as we crossed over the 100,000 visitor mark (according to site meter - image above). It is very hard with all the syndication that I do and RSS readership that I have to determine total reader numbers but am very happy with the pure visitor stats.


Craig Hewett said...

Well done Tim . I always enjoy reading your blog its great to see the success of your blogging.

100K visits for a trade blog is a huge number.

Tim Hughes said...

Thanks Craig. I am having a blast writing and amazed and the people I have met because of it.

Anonymous said...

Yes but how have you made money ?

Carl Jackson said...

Congrats Tim.
I too have enjoyed your blog and the conversations that come from it.

Cheers (raised beer)

John said...

Hey Tim,

I think this blog is great.

It increases your importance in the market and helps build your personal reputation.

This is not about making money from directly from the blog but about the other opportunities that arise from being a leading figure in a community.


Madame BOOT said...

you were already a leading figure in our community but congrats on the 100K
Madame BOOT and the BOOTies

Alex Bainbridge said...

That is a great number!

Keep going! Well done

Tim Hughes said...

@Anon - when I was a non-salary man (ie consultant) I generated a lot of consulting client work as a direct result of the blog, so yes I have made money because of the blog (if not directly from the blog). Now that I am a salary man John's comment comes into play. I used a phrase recent that the blog allows me to "punch above my weight". I am Australia based guy for an online travel agency that has been lucky enough to build a profile outside of Australia and outside of my company all because of the blog. All it took was writing 756 posts (and counting). Thanks to all for reading

Tim Hughes said...

@Madame BOOT - thanks to you for all your support. Not much fun having a husband that rushes home to blog

@Alex - thanks

Craig Hewett said...

I can confirm that Wego.com ( formerly Bezurk.com) was one of many happy clients who used Tim's services......its a shame that Tim' a salary man now :)

Steve Sherlock said...


Madame BOOT and the BOOTies.

thats funny!

sounds like your domestic bootcamp is laced with a bit of sole, given the high ankle support as opposed to the boostrap.

Chris Noble said...

Well done Senor Boot !

I think you should celebrate with 100 beers, oh, ok maybe a 100 shots...mmm...ok maybe just a quiet ale and a few lazy United surveys to fill out for fun.

Tim Hughes said...

@Craig - many thanks

@Steve - kiddies also know as the anklets....

@Chris - will work on a drinking game for the BOOT. A shot every time I mention meta-search, four shots for time I mention my employer and a very small sip each time I give Qantas a hard time (otherwise readers would be unconscious within words)