Friday, March 27, 2009

Yahoo! kills FareChase

The meta-search model took a blow with the shutdown of the Yahoo! owned FareChase today. TechCrunch has the story.

Here is a Google cached version of what FareChase used to look like. now redirects to Yahoo! Travel.

Hard to say in this case if it is a mark against the FareChase model or just another botched Yahoo! product


Anonymous said...

Not sure how many brands Yahoo! can afford to support.

They dropped Kelkoo earlier and now its good bye to Fare Chase.

Questions remain about what Yahoo! really wants to be. A portal, a merchant or a search player.

Google wants to organize the worlds information. What does Yahoo! want to do. From the looks of it anything that seems to be able to make money.

I think they need to be a bit more strategic about their vision.

Tim Hughes said...

@John - I agree. I think is is more a Yahoo! issue that a meta-search issue but am still thinking that meta-search is having problems. More on that later

Anonymous said...

Another botched Y! product in my opinion. As John pointed out above - Kelkoo was another product shutdown earlier this year, which had great potential before the Y! acquisition.

Steve Sherlock said...

in my view the farechase name was too generic! (descriptive)

Also never heard anything from the brand/managers i.e. lacked brand direction and personality. never really made it into peoples' minds.

in contrast kayak and wego are not generic names, have 'people' behind them and some brand personality & are getting into the mind, to some extent.

but are they going to make money?

in my opinion yes - even though their target audiences, don't seem very targetted. which leaves openings for more focused brands & directions.

daffy said...

i used farechase a bunch of times and thought it was a great product. I'm sad it's gone.

ani said...

Does anyone know of a similar site?
I really miss farechase.

Tim Hughes said...

@ani look for the label meta-search on this blog and you will come across the names of lots of similar sites. Best Tim