Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Plane landing on water animation with voices - US Airways - 1549

Tower "which runway would you like in
Airline "we are going to be in the Hudson"

Tower "say again"
(all in the calmest voices imaginable)

This is a must watch animation of the landing of US Airways flight 1549 in the Hudson with the actual verbal exchanges between the tower and the aircraft. Video includes animated Geese. Voices prove that the pilot was/is the calmest man in the world. I have made calls to my wife telling here I will be late for a dinner date that have been more stressful. Can a plane land on water? Yes it can....!

Thanks to TechCrunch


Anonymous said...

they must recruit for a very specific personality type over at air traffic control, would love to look at the results of the psychometric tests they give these guys

Anonymous said...

somoltizI agree with Madame Boot these guys are so cool, they inflect zero panic in their voices

Tim Hughes said...

thanks to the email comment that reminded me that Peterborough is in the UK and Teterboro is an airport in the New Jersey meadowlands area

Anonymous said...

Cool as the proverbial cucumber.

I read the interview where this amazing pilot explained the very fine balancing act required of all his trim, speed heading etc settings to land as he did.

It gave a perfect illustration of how focused he was on flying the plane. Focus that left little opportunity for anything else and his voice in this reflects that.

An amazing bit of flying considering how bad water landings can go if you remember Ethiopian Airlines 767 attempting a water landing off the Grand Comoro Island and cartwheeling.