Friday, December 12, 2008

Expedia and Travelocity team up (in Asia at least): Zuji is carrying Tripadvisor reviews

Am sure you know by now that Travelocity is operating in Asia under a number of brands including Zuji in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Taiwan. You definitely know that Expedia owns Tripadvisor (though I keep getting search engine travel from people that don't). But did you know that Zuji is now including Tripadvisor branded reviews in their hotel search results. In other words a content sharing deal between a Expedia company and a Travelocity company.


E.Phillips said...

Zuji has struggled to be the leading OTA in the Asia Region. It was imperative for them to tie-up with the more popular Tripadvisor to gain market traction.
In India, where Zuji markets itself as Travelocity India for the past nearly two years, their market share is at the bottom level viz-a-viz the local OTAs. Travelocity India continues to struggle in India due to various reasons, main one being lack of local content. The only way for Zuji/Travelocity India to survive in this region is to forge such partnerhsips.

Travolution Blogger said... and have been carrying tripadvisor reviews since June, much to the mild bemusement of the UK industry.

but as E.Phillips says, such partnerships help strengthen brands. And consumers don't care.

Tim Hughes said...

@EP and @travolution thanks to both

Anonymous said...

At Cleartrip, we've been displaying TripAdvisor reviews for some time now:

Funnily enough, when we launched the feature, we promptly received a call from our GDS friends asking if we would like to display reviews from IgoUgo instead (IgoUgo is owned by Travelocity, which is owned by a GDS).

Anonymous said...

Nice post..I also like the other one with video..This is one of my favorite posts for 2008..

Anonymous said...
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