Friday, December 12, 2008

BOOT Link Exchange Policy

The quantity of link requests I am getting is going up by the day. I feel compelled to do a post setting out my link policy. At the very least it will give me something to point to when I reply to link requests. So here is the BOOT link exchange policy.
"I don't due pure link exchanges. Instead I link to sites that I read regularly whether or not they link back to me. I think that is a "purer" way of building blogging and linking communities. You can see from my blog roll there are sites that have not given me links back. Similarly there are sites that have given me links that I don't link back to. If you want to submit a link to me then I promise to take a look at the site and if it joins my list of regularly visited sites then will add to my blog roll and give you a link back"
Best way to get a link out of me is to:
  • Give me a link;
  • Send me traffic; and
  • Have something interesting to say that I want to read again and again.


Chris from the Amateur Traveler said...

I have adopted a similar policy at Amateur Traveler which I think is better for my readers/listeners although may not be as good for me form a purely SEO point of view.

Tim Hughes said...

@Chris- thanks for the comment. There probably is some SEO disadvantage at some level but am also convinced that by keeping the links "pure" I am also supporting the relevance of the BOOT. For example in the the last few weeks I have been approached by a series of (I think unrelated) real estate agencies looking for link exchange. I am convinced that accepting links like this would long term hurt my google ranking rather than support it.



Anonymous said...
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Tim Hughes said...

Dear Commentators - please do not make a link request in the comments of this section. Instead said me an email. But as I say, I do not do straight out link exchanges.

Anonymous said...
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NFL Coach said...

From an "SEO" standpoint, your blog has a Google Page Rank of "4". So you must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff