Wednesday, October 01, 2008

RedHerring likes tripJane at lot, TechCrunch 50 a little but I have not idea what they do

RedHerring is the tech boom magazine who's death keeps being reported and yet somehow managed to survive. Every now and then I check in on the online version to see what is happening. In keeping this week's (accidental) start-up theme at the BOOT, I came across the list of the Red Herring North America 100 from back in May 2008. This is their list of the top 100 start-ups in North America. Lots of good pedigree here as past winners include Google, Yahoo!, Skype and YouTube (with a little glitch around Netscape).

Much like TechCrunch50 I could only find one travel company on the list - tripJane. tripJane was also a finalist in the TechCrunch50 - being part of what they called the demo pit (ie not on the main stage but out in the foyer on a card table).

No details on the tripJane website on what they do. Something about social networking, purchasing and planning - which we have heard before. Here is the Crunchbase profile for a little more.

At lot of time has passed since the May RedHerring awards. Anyone out there from tripJane want to share with us what you do.

Promise next week to leave start-up land the get back to the more regular feature of this blog - whining about Qantas covering general industry trends.


Anonymous said...

Fine point, Tim.

Also, I noticed on the Crunchbase profile that despite not being public yet, they already have a Facebook app. Maybe they're first trying to drive some level of scale across multiple networks to capture social data prior to pushing the site live? It makes you wonder what criteria Red Herring used to make their selections - perhaps they got a sneak peak.

By the way, did you notice how many sites listed on Crunchbase have "Trip" in the first half of their name? 19.

Tim Hughes said...

Pete - over at hotel-blogs Guillaume has also been trying to keep track of all the "trip" companies. His current count is 23 (not including tripJane- and I think two are now gone.

Anonymous said...

Follow the money:

1. Dani Essindi (CEO of TripJane)
2. Dani Essindi is a former executive (COO?) at RedHerring
3. Actual application is nowhere to be seen
4. RedHerring names it into its top 100

Tim Hughes said...

(assuming true)
5. oliver stone makes movie about it :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no surprise that Trip Jane wins a Red Herring 100 award. They've never made a single dollar, they don't have a functioning product and the CEO is a former Red Herring DASAR employee. Quel surprise? Talk about objective and impartial journalism In truth it is more like a favor/pay-off for a friend.

Tisk, Tisk Monsieur Vieux

Anonymous said...

Both co-founders are long-term Vieux flunkies. Perhaps a quid pro quo for all of the late (missing?) paychecks!

Anonymous said...
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