Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ever wanted to ask questions of PhoCusWright, Abacus, Wotif, Wego, T2 Impact, Expedia and Yahoo!?

Well now you can! I am co-moderating a panel on day one at the Web In Travel conference in Singapore (Oct 21-22) along with conference boss and industry commentator Siew Hoon Yeoh. The session is called "the WIT Challenge" (full programme here). Siew Hoon and I will be firing questions at a fantastic panel including the following:
Also expecting a representative from Expedia to be confirmed very soon.

Do you have any questions you would like to ask this great collection of industry insiders. Feel free to put your questions in the comment section of this post. I will take the best of the best with me to the conference. Include your name/company and I will mention you (if)when I read out the qustion.


Anonymous said...

here is one for expedia.

How can survive still charging a 25% markup ?

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Timothy,

Can you ask the following question :

What are the main challenge to handle the Long Tail product inside big system and big network?

Answer exemples could be :

1 - big system doesn't understand how small tourism operator are working ;-)

2 - Small tourism operator are not aware about the interest to work with big system !

3 - it's to costly to work with big system, no yield, no etc....

4 - it's 2 World who doesn't understand each other

5 - big system doesn't understand how work the Long Tail ;-)

6 - Long Tail, what are you talking about? >> answer from a small tourism operator ;-)

7 - We need to find "relay" inside the Long Tail to better handle the Long Tail

Claude BĂ©nard
blog: HoteliTour

former blogger at "les Explorers"

have fun to ask the question and watch the answers from the big guys.

Best regards from Marseille


Anonymous said...

Waiting with impatience for the answers ;-)

have a great conference


Tim Hughes said...

Claude - am at the lounge on my way to Singapore. The questions are on my list. Will hopefully have chances to blog live from the event (wireless permitting) with answers to this and more