Monday, September 15, 2008

Alitalia Deathwatch: Administrator Fantozzi says the airline is running out of fuel

Alitalia Cargo 747-200F by matt.hintsa.
Alitalia's death has been called too many times for the pall bearers to be called up just yet. But this time is sounds more serious that any other occasion. The Air France/KLM buyout seems dead, Berlusconi's rescue plan appears to be nothing but hope and prayer and now we hear from the banrupcy adminstrator Augusto Fantozzi that "There are difficulties relating to the supply of fuel which could put some flights at risk" (c/- the BBC). Fantozzi put it even more dramatcially in a quote in an AFP report
"Up to tomorrow (Sunday) we have guaranteed flights, but not on Monday because no-one will supply us with kerosene [fuel],"
If you are holding Alitalia tickets then make sure you have insurance and a back up plan. My guess is that we are going to see a death and rebirth along the lines of Swiss Air becoming SWISS and Sabena becoming SN Brussels not the fade from view of the likes of Pan Am and Ansett.

thanks to matt.hintsa over at flickr for the photo

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