Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BOOT hits a thousand subscribers. Only another 999,000 to go

The BOOT has hit a speedometer moment of 1,000 feed subscribers. The number has been fluctuating by as many as 100 a day (something to do with when people access their RSS readers) but am very happy with the results. That said, this week TechCrunch hit a million so definitely need to put things into perspective.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Tim! Keep on trucking!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

You beat me to it then.

You start blogging after me and you get your 1,000 subscribers...so I guess your content is better than mine.

I am going to hide with my 800 subscribers now.

Congrats anyway.

don't forget to subscribe to Hotel-Blogs.com

Anonymous said...

are you going to get the boots to dance as well

The UnAustralian said...
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