Monday, June 23, 2008

Forbes 25 Most Influential Women in Travel including Kate Hanni

Forbes have published a list of the top 25 Most Influential Women in Travel. As you would expect Travelocity CEO Michelle Peluso (they carry and 1:1 interview with her here) and TripAdvisor CMO Christine Petersen make the list. What is fantastic is that Forbes have cited Coalition for Airline Passengers' Bill of Rights founder Kate Hanni. In case you don't remember, Hanni used her rage from being stranded/trapped on a plan in Texas for more than 9 hours to fuel a drive for change and consumer protection in the US air market. I did a post on her here and there is a great IAG Podcast interview with her that you can find through this post.

Magazine generated lists of influential people and companies are always debatable and are generally put together by the editorial staff in about ten minutes over bagels in the coffee room. It is always good when you see that a bit of time has been put into a list resulting in an inclusion like Hanni. You can read the rest of the list here.

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