Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The BOOT is in the Australian Financial Review

Your BOOT correspondent has been quoted in the article "Net closes on travel agents" by Paul Smith and Ben Woodhead in today's Australian Financial Review. But the site is subscription only so you'll have to take my word for it (or go out and buy a copy - old school).

LINKS - thanks to article author Paul Smith here are permanent links to both stories

"Net closes on travel agents"

"Web advisories fear winter of bad content"

UPDATE - thanks to Grah in the comments who found a free link to the article here. There was a second column in the paper called "Web advisories fear winter of bad content" that has a few quotes from me also. I think there is a free link here but it does not work all the time.


Anonymous said...

Tim, whats your quote, as I can't buy hard copy of AFR from Singapore.

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Hi Grah!

A big thank you for sending me the MIS AFR free trial link.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Tim. Thanks for your help on the article. Here are links to the two separate stories (that should work all the time)



Paul S

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely amazed that that little has changed in the "internet - threat / internet - bonanza" spiel in the last 5 - 10 years.
We were having the same conversations, same articles around 2001. "The evolve or die (or even end up a lame duck)" message from the mountain
has been done to death. The domestic death knell is now in the air for online travel agencies as well. The day online TA's decided to charge fees for booking
Domestic point to point airfares (whilst their biggest competitors charged zero) was the day the shift started. The slow increase in the number of fees and their dollar amount just hastens the exodus. Sure some online travel agents have widgets and whatsits that show fares in pink, blue, green and lavender and to some people that's worth the extra $25 - $30 a booking, but seriously?

The quote from Stella is a ripper "There is acceptance internally that the web is here to stay" - Welcome to 1997 Stella :-)

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