Tuesday, January 15, 2008

News Limited takes a stake in Bezurk.com

The Australian newspaper online edition is reporting that News Limited (Australian arm of News Corp) has taken a stake in Asian travel meta-search company Bezurk.com. Details in the article.

UPDATE - interview with Bezurk CEO Martin Symes on post-deal plans


Anonymous said...

Making money and getting promoted pstair is a Craig flair. What about Bezurk ? Will it ever make money ?

Anonymous said...

Tim, whats your views on this deal in light of Kayak buying SideStep? Does Bezurk really have a chance when Kayak moves into Asia?

Anonymous said...

well it confirms my suspicions, NEWS limited has finally gone BEZURK

Tim Hughes said...

I have a little disclosure here which explains the "light on" touch of my comments. I did some consulting work with Bezurk in between my time at Netus and returning to Orbitz. Makes it not appropriate for me to add too much commentary to the story - unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

When Rupert bought Myspace the critics had a few jibes at him for overpaying.....he had the last laugh when he signed an advertising partnership with Google which was worth close to what he paid for Myspace.

Rupert has demonstrated that he only buys companies which will make him money so I would imagine that he has done his homework on Bezurk.

I would think that his investment in Bezurk has already increased with the news that Kayak bought Sidestep for $190 million.

He can very easily add value to Bezurk by plugging the site into his global media empire and even take the game to Kayak in the US.