Friday, January 04, 2008

Lonely Planet: New Owners and New Approach online - Diarmuid Russell to lead new digital charge

Moments after the news of Lonely Planet's sale to BBC Enterprises comes immediate steps to re-invigorate the Lonely Planet online strategy through the appointment of former Expedia VP Strategy Diarmuid Russell to the role of Commercial Director, Digital. Diarmuid is relocating as we type - due in Australia this month. Lots of work for Diarmuid to do - but his appointment is a sign that the new owners are looking to invest immediately in turning around Lonely Planet's poor online efforts to date.


Anonymous said...

The importing of Mr Russell into such a role is a slap in the face to ecommerce and online travel professionals in Australia. More able and local talent were on hand to handle this position (and at a more reasonable cost). A foolhardy and potentially costly mistake by Lonely Planet.

Anonymous said...
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