Monday, August 07, 2006

Zuji launches surprise new brand logo that ...looks alot like Travelocity

Zuji have launched their new brand/logo experience and it is a mirror of the Travelocity logo. Not surprising and I think the right move. There is a global effect from branding that all large ecommerce and media sites enjoy that Zuji can take advantage of. You could even start a long odds bet that Zuji will change its name - at least in AU and NZ - where there is no actual meaning (Zuji is a Mandarin word) and no real brand equity.

What is a little weird is that as of the time/date of this post the site has not changed over to the new logo. This is despite announcements in Australian trade press including a quote from local GM Pete Smith. Zuji marketing needs to get these things right.

Also announced the long overdue move into the Sabre/Travelocity office in North Sydney from the nice but expensive digs behind the QVB in Sydney.

Also some mention here (Travelweekly) of a plan for Zuji to launch offline kiosks in AU. Not sure what that will look like or why they would do that. There is still so much for the main online full service players Webjet, and Zuji to do to gain domestic air market share from the airline direct sites. This is not the time to distract yourself from that game with offline asset management and open up a new front battling the offline/shop giants like Flight Centre and Harvey World Travel on their home turf - the high street.

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