Monday, August 14, 2006

So - Who settled

Worldspan are back in positive net income territory including US$10.5mm settlement

"related to a contractual payment that was received from a certain former online travel agency in final settlement of a dispute"

hmmmm - who's money is this?

Is it anything to do with the Expedia/IAC announcement that they are suing Worldspan seeking a declaratory judgement that Expedia is allowed to use other GDS?

Is it Cendant/Travelport's money - they bought Orbitz and ebookers, both of whom use/used Worldspan and would love to send those bookings through Galileo. However I had not yet heard of a conversion - especially for Orbitz.

How about Travelocity - Lastminute was also a one time Worldspan client. Did they convert Lastminute to Sabre too early. That does not ring a bell in my memory.

Also the comment cryptically refers to
a former online travel agency. Is this a clue or is the word “client” missing at the end of this phrase. If it is a clue I am struggling to think of any now defunct online agencies that used Worldspan or any agencies that used to be online but are now offline.

I think I have been able to build up the readership of this blog to a healthy single digit number. If any of you out there have a suspicion as to who this might be – I would love to hear for you. Post a comment below or send me a tip – anonymity will be respected.

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