Friday, July 14, 2006

What if you had to spend some marketing money

Wow!. Wotif have announced the spending of marketing money in securing a deal for a co-branded page on ninemsn (Australian version of msn). This is a big step for Wotif. It is simultaneously the first white-label/co-brand affiliate deal that I know about and is one of the first up-front marketing campaigns (ie not direct response). I assume here that ninemsn has not waived it usual up-front changes - they are not famous for revenue share deals. Makes it clear that new channels and marketing campaigns will be part of Wotif's post float strategy.


Anonymous said...

Tim, i hear you but do you think it will improve their $$ performance ?

Tim Hughes said...

All depends on the economics of the deal. I know that is an unhelpful response but it is unfortunatel true. I would be stunned if it was a commission sharing only deal as traditionally ninemsn have demanded large upfront real estate fees from "partners" but it is possible that they see some sort of branding benefit from a tie up with Wotif.