Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Shades of green and blue or a combination of earth, sea and sky

Eyefortravel are quoting Travelport sources as describing the new logo as

"symbolis[ing] the three key elements of travel—earth, sea and sky, but also embod[ing] the continuous integration of the company’s core businesses—Orbitz, Galileo and GTA; moving together in a forward motion"

OR - its a mash of blue, green and greeny blue triangles that were hastily put together while trying to get Blackstone to take the conglomerate over as quickly as possible to save the spin-offs of Wyndham and Realogy.

Also - who signed off on the phrase "moving together in a forward motion". Yuk!

That all said, I think Travelport is a good name for the group. It and Trip.com were two great brands at the former Cendant TDS that lost application as their sites/business units were replaced with larger/better acquisitions (ie Orbitz).

I also think that ironically green is the right colour - Blackstone knows money and started the first phase of a predicted breakup through the issuing of bonds to help clean up the balance sheet and finance the leveraged buy-out of the group.

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