Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jetstar's big gamble

News all over Australia of Jetstar's announcement of it's first international service to Bali. Demand was so high - promotional fares from AU$169 - that it brought the Jetstar site crashing down.

Will be interesting to see how customers react to having to pay extra for food, blankets, movies etc.

"In-flight entertainment kits - including portable video on demand and headsets - will cost another $10, while so-called "Comfort me" packs -with a blanket, pillow and amenity kit - will be charged at $7 each."

Some of these flights are 7 plus hours long. What will Jetstar do if people either do not pre-book food or bring their own. I can see these great scenes where customers try to get on with camp stoves and cup-a-noodles. "Madame - put down the cheese sandwich and step away from the porta-cooker..."

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