Monday, March 07, 2011

An insurance salesman selling hope while entertaining via TEDx

WorldNomads General Manager Chris Noble is one of my favourite conference beer buddies. I have enjoyed many a post conference beer talking about social media, online travel and building a customer proposition. Great presenter and interesting bloke.

While Chris' day job is as a boss of an insurance company, at night he and his WorldNomad's fellow founders set up I first blogged about Footprints here. It is a micro donations system that can be built into a purchase path so that small amounts of money can be collected from a large customer base as part of an unrelated consumer transaction. To date they have raised more than $1mm for 65 projects from 411,000 donations. If you are interested in hearing more check out the below video of Chris presenting at the recent TEDx Phnom Penh conference.

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