Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WebInTravel: Come see the BOOT at WebInTravel Singapore Oct 19 -22

It is not too late to book your ticket to join the BOOT and hundreds of others travel professionals at WebInTravel in Singapore (alongside ITB Asia) October 19-22. The full schedule for the event is here. Registration details here.

There is a lot of the BOOT to see at this conference. For BOOT specific sessions, I will be presenting as follows

Presentation Number 1

First up I will present and the pre-conference WITovation Entrepreneur Bootcamp at the LKC School of Business on Oct 18. I am in a session moderated by Tnooz editor Kevin May called

1130am Innovation Exchange: What's hot and what's not, what's working and what's not, and what's coming round the corner. Experts pick out the current tools and technology that are changing the landscape and predict the ones to come. On the panel are

  • Andrew McGlinchey, Head of Product Management, Southeast Asia, Google South East Asia
  • Brett Henry, Vice-President, Marketing, Abacus International
  • Timothy O' Neil-Dunne, CTO, Lute Technologies and blogger
  • Ross Veitch, Chief Product Officer, Wego

Presentation Number 2

On Oct 19 at Suntec I am on the opening panel with joint moderators conference organiser Yeoh Siew Hoon and Tnooz's Kevin May.

845am Hitting The C-Spot: Cross-Fire: Two teams will compete against each other to come up with the best customer insights that they believe will drive change in travel distribution and marketing.

Team 1 is
Team 2 is
  • The BOOT
  • Timothy O'Neil-Dunne, CTO, Lute Technologies & Blogger, Professor Sabena
  • Brett Henry, Vice President, Marketing, Abacus International
Presentation Number 3

Later on the 19th I am leading a panel.

3pm Channelling The Customer: Bridging The Chasm Between Inspiration & Transaction

Three part session.

For the opening 10 minutes I will present on new opportunities in search, inspiration and consumer engagement. Carl Griffith of Cloud View will follow with 5 minutes on "What the Consumer Wants". Then we have 35 minutes of Q&A with some of the best in online travel and search

  • Martin Symes, CEO, Wego
  • Sajith Sivanandan, Head of Travel, Retail & Automotive, Google South East Asia
  • Olivier Dombey, Chief Information Officer,
  • Wee Hee Ling, CEO, Commonwealth Tourism Holdings
  • Hrush Bhatt, Founder & Director, Cleartrip/Small World
  • Josh Steinitz, CEO, NileGuide
  • Mark Inkster, Managing Director, Search Alliance, Microsoft
Here is a hint of some of the questions I will put to the panel
  • Can tradditional search adjust to responding to open ended questions?
  • Sociograph vs Tastegraph - what role will they play in any search evolution/revolution. Which one will win? Or Both? How?
  • Yen Lee of review meta-search site Uptake wrote a post "meta-search is done!long live meta-search" . In it he argued that traditional priced based meta-search was in real trouble because the business model of arbitrage between buying traffic off Google at one price and selling that same traffic to suppliers/OTAs at another price was not sustainable. What do you think? Has the cost of paid search irrevocably changed meta-search?
  • Paid search on head terms is so expensive that it is arguable that search is not longer a direct response media but a brand building form of media. Is that true or is there still direct response money to be made in search?
  • You are a hotel in a major Asian city (Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney, Bangkok). You are in a great location, have good reviews on social sites, are competitively priced and have great website. But when someone types in "hotels in [city]" into Google you are on page 4. Not surprising given that there are 500,000+ results on Google for that search term. What do you do as this hotel to get anywhere near page 1? Or do you give up on page 1 dreams and turn online marketing activity to somewhere else?
And more....

Presentation Number 4

On Oct 22 at Suntec I will be joining one of the WIT Ideas Lab sessions.

09.45 Social Media, Search, Mobile & Stuff: insights about Social Media, Search & other stuff that the Web is made up of.
  • The BOOT
  • Morris Sim, CEO & Co-Founder, Circos Brand Karma
  • Brett Henry, Vice-President, Marketing and Vice-President, India, Abacus International
Four sessions, more live BOOT than ever before.

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