Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Recommended Read: Role of social networking in Chinese online travel market

I am on a business trip to China so have been reading up on research on general and online specific travel trends. There is a lot of information out on the Intertubes but much of it is buried deep on disparate sites- and is often contradictory. Thanks to a tweet from Chloe Lim I came across and economist article collecting a selection of the better research links. The story is an Economnist piece called “Travelling with a little help from friends “. It is the BOOT recommended read of the week.

Summary from the story is that more than any other market, the online China is turning to social networking to drive retail purchasing behaviour including travel.

It quotes from:

Full Economist story here.

If you want to round out the China story with some inbound information, thanks to Roy Graff for pointing me to the CNTO’s page with inbound travel statistics.


Sydney Business Directory said...

My cousin recommended this website, you have awesome blogs. Thanks for the useful info.

Tim Hughes said...

I hope that was not the same cousin that told you that you would get an SEO boost out of a link in a comment in a blog

Freddy said...

Ah ah,

Thanks Tim for your post.

I found this on slideshare as well, quite detailled but unfortunately outdated:


Claude said...

Bonjour Tim,

For inside on China market, suggest

Was last monday on Paris for a China day oganised by Atout France (our NTO), some very interesting data and views , but sorry in French.

Will make a post in Tnooz

Have a nice day


PS: when did you switch to Wordpress :)

Tim Hughes said...

@Freddy and @Claude - thanks for the links