Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cathay Pacific vs Virgin Atlantic business class - the battle of the herringbone seats

I did a post yesterday with mine and Skytrax's airlines of the year. Numbers one and two on my list were Cathay Pacific (CX) and Virgin Atlantic (VS). There was a debate in the comments on the merits of the CX herringbone business class seat vs the VS herringbone. Hence this post - the battle of the herringbones. Why I think the CX herringbone beats out the VS version.

Three reasons why I think CX herringbone is better than VS
  1. The entertainment system starts as soon as you sit down whereas VS make you wait until after take off and after a welcome on-board video has finished;
  2. The CX seat converts to bed without having to get out of seat whereas the VS seat is a flip to bed version. Means you have to get out of the seat, convert to a bed and get back in; and
  3. The VS seat narrows to the feet a little more making it slightly tighter in fit that the CX version.
Three reasons why VS herringbone is better
  1. The on-board bar is a smash hit (hold on that is not related to the seat!);
  2. The Upper Class Lounge at Heathrow is nearly unmatchable in quality (QF first class Sydney is its only competitor). With a haircut, spa bath, sauna and video games. (hold on that is not related to the seat either!); and
  3. You get pyjamas on VS (hmmm...also not related to the seat)
I am being mean to VS. Focusing just on the seat, here are the three VS winners:
  1. The table is large and can be moved to allow you to get out without having to put the table away;
  2. The doona is much more bed like that CX's making for a more bed like feel; and
  3. Big pillow - also better for a bed like feel.
Very close fight but CX by a whisker.

Full CX business class seat review here. Full VS business class (upper class) seat review here.

thanks to Lora_313 for the photo via flickr


Anonymous said...

It's a ding-dong battle, Tim.

Great post.

I had heard poor reviews of CX's HBone product but found it to be pretty fab JFK-HKG a few years back.

Yep - The IFE is better (hey, it's 5 years newer) and, I guess, if you're not a big one on brushing your teeth before bed, the CX "lazyboy" recliner might be for you.

I guess the biggest difference is the sense of interactivity the VS HBone offers.

The sit-down bar and ottomon seat for a guest at your suite scream, "Let's chat!", whereas the CX HBone implies, "I'm really busy/important, please leave me be".

Anyways, that's my take on it.

Same same. But different.

VS by a whisker!

Susan said...

VS H'bone rules.