Thursday, November 19, 2009

Final 4 PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit

PhoCusWright boss Phillip Wolf just announced the following as the final 4 for the Travel Innovation Summit. These four are off to the next round.

1. Amadeus IT group (Amadeus Affinity Shopper)
2. Gliider
3. Global Motion Media Inc (EveryTrail)

My predictions were
1. Dapper
2. Traveltainment (anothe Amadeus entry)
3. Tourabout
4. x+1

In other word 0 / 4 for the BOOT

My predictions and background are here


samdaams said...

You're just ahead of the crowd Tim! If I was a betting man, I'd put money on Everytrail to win it. Wonder what their model is though.

Seems weird to me that got through for many of same reasons you mentioned. Plus there's that 800 pound gorilla called Google in the room that lets you do exactly the same thing. In less than an hour. Free of charge. Oh well... didn't see the preso, so might have missed something there.

Carl Jackson said...

Thanks for the vote Tim