Tuesday, September 29, 2009

WebInTravel: Pre-conference Podcast with the BOOT

Only a few weeks to go until the WebInTravel conference in Singapore (Oct 20-23 during ITB). A fifteen minute pre-conference podcast interview of me is now live. You can listen to it here. Themes covered into the interview include
  • EveryYou and developing a recommendation of one;
  • Social networking and the panel I am moderating at WIT called "Taming The Social Media Beast";
  • Three areas of controversy I am expecting to be discussed at WIT on social networking being (1) whether or not there is loyalty in search and social networking (2) whether or not the form of social networking we have now (twitter, facebook) will be the form social networking takes in 5 years time and (3) whether or not you can build a brand through search/social networking;
  • Major changes in the last year and my predictions for the next year; and
  • My love of Singaporean chilli crab.
You can listen to the whole interview here.

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