Thursday, December 21, 2006

Farewell Netus

I have been spending the last twelve months deep in the Internet venture capital world working for the News Ltd funded VC firm Netus. Has been a great year working under e-industrialist Daniel Petre and working on some of most exciting areas in new media. However I have realised over this time that my career goals no longer sit with corporate development and investment areas which dominated so much of my early career as a lawyer. Instead, I crave a return to the challenge and buzz of managing a large team of people with a P&L/revenue focus that was (up until recently) my main focus. Naturally I will stay in the Internet arena but on the operational side rather than investing.

It has been great to come to this realisation but once I did, sadly, I had to resign from Netus. I will take the next few months off to work on a few private projects and rest on the beach with my kids before announcing my new plans. You can stay in touch with me through my BOOT email address or my linkedin profile.

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whoa.....somebody made a lot of money