Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hanging up my BOOTs

Dear Readers - It is time for me to hang up my BOOTs.

My first posts were published in June 2006.  Six years later I have more than a 1,000 stories that have been viewed  400,000+ times.  I have met hundreds of people, formed scores of business contacts and dozens of close friends directly as a result of this site.  I made Bloggers "blogs of note list". I have travelled to conferences across the Americas and Asia Pac talking about ideas and company gossip. And I have bored my wife with endless stories of how to travel, what to pack, what to wear and how horrible business travel can be. The writing of the BOOT was the single best thing  I ever undertook for professional development.

But it is time to pause. I won't say shut down as you never know what will come next.  However for now, the BOOTs need to be hung up and the posts to stop.  You can still follow me on Twitter (@hughestim).  Also feel free to stay in touch by email at timsboot [at] gmail.com.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my rantings.  In particular I want to thank those that have contributed through tips and comments.  Finally I want to thank Madame BOOT and the anklets.  One day (just maybe), I will remerge in social media under the guise of the (old) COOT (consumer of online travel).  Until that time - happy travels.

Thanks to daryl_mitchell for the image via flickr


Adam Vance said...

Thanks Tim!
Its always been interesting!
Good luck for the future

Tim Hughes said...

@Adam - thanks

Unknown said...

Here's hoping coot appears sooner rather than later! Your words will be missed Mr Hughes.

Tim Hughes said...

@Marc - thanks for the kind words. The COOT is ready to take off

Ronen said...


Tom Bourlet said...

What! Really sorry to hear you're calling it a night!

Me and the team at http://www.directline-holidays.co.uk/ are very sad to hear your hanging up the boots, but hope they've just been replaced by temporary slippers.

Have a great day!!

Disarm Doors said...

Thanks for all the terrific content (especially the Dell piece) over the years, Tim.

Big boots to fill.

Over and out.

Tim Hughes said...

@Ronen and @Tom - thanks for the thoughts
@Disarm Doors - even though not travel related the Dell piece is my favourite too

Dan W. said...

I really enjoyed the BOOT sorry to hear of its on hiatus, but you do deserve an occasional minute for yourself. Good luck and hope to catch-up with in the near future.

Freddy said...

Hi Tim, Sad to see you pause your blog. I truly hope quieter times will bring the opportunity for you to jump back in the saddle.
Meanwhile, I hope I might still be able to grab some insight around a coffee in town.
Thanks again for your work/words

Claude said...

Bonjour Tim,

So, will miss your view and analisis.

Bonne journée


taoufik said...

Looking forward to reading you again...All the best

Martin C said...

Tim, so many great posts over the years. From trends in travel inspiration to the future of authority in search and so much in between. Best wishes with your post blogging endeavours.

Tim Hughes said...

@ Dan W - many thanks. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Tim Hughes said...

@Freddy - Look forward to catching up again soon. I am back in Oz late July

Tim Hughes said...

@Claude - thank you for the note. I hope all is well with you

Tim Hughes said...

@taoufik many thanks

Tim Hughes said...

@Martin C - lovely comments. Thank you.

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gone miss you article, view and analysis. wish you all the best Tim

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Tim Hughes said...


What the hell are you talking about. I think you have a lot more important things to be doing